Using Wired and Wireless Networks Around Campus

Stanford has a large and growing number of wired and wireless networks available for you to use with your laptop or other computing device. For example, the Gates and Packard buildings, some libraries, parts of Tresidder Union, and a large portion of the Main Quad are covered by Ethernet, 802.11b, or both.

Access is permitted only to members of the Stanford community, however. To gain access, you need to register your network card with Stanford's central database (NetDB). Once it's registered, you can plug it in and roam around campus without having to log in or reconfigure your computer on each network.

How you get your card registered in NetDB depends on who you are. For students in Computer Science, you register your network card in one of two places:

For more general, University-wide information, see the Roaming DHCP page or the wireless networking page.

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