Janet and the Hounds
Janet (my wife) and the kids, Gabby and Shadow
(taken with my new iPhone — a kick ass device despite its sky-high price and unfortunate marriage to AT&T's EDGE network)

Welcome (now how did you end up here?)

I've been telling myself to make this web site more interesting for years but still haven't gotten around to it. I hope to add more information in the near future. For now, this page only links to some scattered web properties that either relate to Janet and me or that I find interesting.

If you need to contact me, you can send me e-mail at drc_two@stanfordalumni.org (my Xenon e-mail is messed up so don't send mail to that black hole).

Here are some useful links about us:
And here are some sites that I highly recommend. As you can tell, my interests tilt toward business-related law and high-tech.
And here is a link to the source of (virtually all of) mankind's knowledge. Always start your journey here!

And here's where we live...

The addition of this Google Maps widget was made ridiculously easy thanks to GMapEZ. Thanks!