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The end has come. Whither Ms. Hennessy? Wilt the fair maiden of justice be rent from the airwaves permanently? Say it ain't so! Mayhap a Fox sitcom is in the offing, or dare I say it (dare! dare!) something on UPN or the WB? The mind reels, and quite frankly the heart cringes, but no matter -- I shall be true, a bastion of strength to the end, showing the true path to unbelievers. But the sad fact of the matter is this: 'taint nothing but a steady diet of A&E reruns from here on out, folks.

Needless to say, this page shall remain black until Jill Hennessy returns to network prime time. Let the crusade begin now!

If you ain't using NetScape, you ain't shite! (Apologies to Rowdy Roddy Doyle and superstar-in-training Colm Meaney... ah, what I wouldn't give for an Irish accent) ... and yes I am talking to you, Scott Forstall! So for those of you similarly disadvantaged: so sorry!


My World And Welcome To It


A Picture of Hobbes Taking a Nap

Greetings and Salutations:

I am Matthew Dresden. Who are you? Why do you want to know? Perhaps you are, or rather were, one of my students... Fall quarter 1994: I was one of the TAs for CS105A. Or perhaps you are in search of the latest news.

Hubba Hubba

(Not to be confused with Hubba Bubba) I can currently be found in Los Angeles, working for Roger Corman ...



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The Latest

Willie the Wildcat Hey! My high school is on the net ... just click on the paw to see it in all its, ahem, glory.

Stanford Tree Stanford University ... and here's where I spent those so-called formative college years.


All right cyberdudes|grrrrrrrls, jack yerself in with these:

* A Man, A Lawnmower, and their Unholy Union And I am not talking about the last twenty minutes of "Dead/Alive" here!

* O.J. CENTRAL ... if you haven't gotten enough already, that is.

* News of the Weird The One and Only!

* The Gate Online version of the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, pride of the Bay Area. It's yellow journalism but you gotta love it!

* The Butt Page Oh, doctor! It's just what you'd imagine and more. From that nutty cybergrrrrl Cynsa at the Well. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, but she puts a good web page out there.

* Herb Caen Just his columns, but what more could you want?

* A superior Hong Kong Movie Page (Stanford Owned and Operated, even) ... it's got links to all the major HK and Asian Movie/Pop Star pages, ftp sites, what have you. Not to mention an up-to-date listing of what's playing in Bay Area theaters, theaters that don't advertise in English-language rags. If you have an inkling of movie sense and sensibility, you should check out this page and the movies addressed therein and then get thee to a theater forthwith!

**NOTE** the following page has been taken off the 'net because, I kid you not, the scientist who runs the lab feared retribution from the UNABOMB person. What kind of crazy world are we living in?

* Shabe's Lab...my friend Shabe's lab in Berkeley; it's not really that interesting unless you know someone there. However, the creator of the Find The Spam page also works at this lab, if you care about that sort of thing. Still not interested? Well, can't say as how I blame you.

* ESPNet Sports ...Once this was Satchel Sports, but it has merged with or been subsumed by ESPN. It's still the best site I've found so far for up-to the minute sports news, updates, etc.

* My brother! If you're looking to hire a math professor, your search is over!

* The Weasel's Den ... Intruders Beware!

* Katarina Witt Fan Club Christopher B. Atcitty describes himself as "Katya's number one fan." He endeared himself to many at Stanford in 1988 with his "To Witt" Shrine and his anti- Debi Thomas diatribes. See what all, or at least some of the fuss is about.

* køøl site of the day I hope you've already been here, if not, get thee!

* San Francisco Giants Weasels, Crileys, Atcittys, and other naysayers need not apply.

* The CIA ... it's actually pretty cool, but you know they're keeping track of who logs on!


Don't see what you like here? Head on over to Big Bad Ben Lutch's Excite for a phat search of the Triple-Dub. Or there's also WebCrawler and Lycos. If your searching modus operandi is more hierarchically-minded, check out the YAHOO index, which started right here at Stanford. It's, how you say, tres complete.

Here's some leftover stuff I don't have the heart to throw away yet.

April showers ... enough already! I am currently investigating the rash of Fonda/Honda rhymes in popular verse, with Sir Mix-a-lot and Elastica being the most obvious offenders.

All right ... I've had all I can stand and, in the immortal words of that guy with an anchor tattoo, I can't stand no more. I have failed in my search for Patrick Swayze on the triple-dub (the closest I found was a promo for the new Goats album, No Goats No Glory, but that's Swayzack, not Swayze ... although FYI they do refer to Swayze in "Do The Digs Dug"), so it is therefore incumbent upon me to create an hommage to the Great One himself (and ya know I ain't talking about Jackie Gleason, my friend!) Other people who deserve their own pages but as far as I can tell do not have them are Jill Hennessy (aka The Goddess of Prime Time, who is currently appearing in the second half of Law & Order, Wednesday nights, 10PM, NBC. Tune in. Feel the magic. Become one of us.), and some of my all-time favorite character actors: John P. Ryan, Billy Drago, Burton Gilliam, Evan Kim, Charles Napier, Eddie Deezen, Fred Ward, and Bill Paxton. Perhaps I should start a character actors page. Hmmm... there's a thought! Unfortunately, to put up a good page, you need pictures, scripts, FAQs, archival footage, daguerrotypes ... all these things that require the kinda disk space that I just ain't got at present! But soon, my pet, soon ... all I need is a dedicated SPARCStation to run KingMatt.com and then I'm in. Oh ... oh ... oh yes. I'd also like to see a Tick or Ben Edlund home page. There's a link to this ftp site in Sweden with TickStuff on my tv page, but it is slllllooooooooooowwwwwwwww.

Well, that's the state of the world for now. More later as and if it becomes available.


This latest gun-fest from Quentin Tarantino is currently the film to see. I am happy to see John Travolta on screen again. It has been a long dry spell since Staying Alive (I don't count Look Who's Talking)

* Dinosaurs...for some links to dinosaur-related pages

* The Laserdisc Home Page

Test Your Knowledge

Can you name this tune?

	Standing in the rain
	With his head hung low
	Couldn't get a ticket
	It was a sold out show

Or this one?

	But lately something's changed
	and it's hard to define

How about:

	You want a piece of my heart?
	You better start from the start.
	You wanna be in the show?
	C'mon let it go!

The Murmaids rule:

  1. popsicles
  2. icicles
That's all folks!

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