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Medjugorje &
Our Lady Queen of Peace

The apparitions at Medjugorje

Hvaljen Isus I Marija!!! Praised be Jesus and Mary!!!

Statement of intent: This Medjugorje Web Page was first put on line in the Fall of 1994. The sole intent of this page is to make the events of this phenomenon known to the world, and to share the messages that have touched the hearts of millions. It was my own personal experience at this place that converted me from a spectator Catholic Christian to a true believer in Christ and the truth that His blessed mother continues to echo from the gospels. She spreads this message through 6 human vessels in the heart of what was a Communist country in 1981. I invite you to read her messages with an open mind and an open heart, for her messages have such great love, as she sees each one of us as her children who are in so much need of her care and guidance to help us to know her son and to return to God. As she repeatedly points out - we need to pray, pray, pray!

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Since June 25, 1981, Mary the Mother of God is reported to visit daily with several young adults in this Croatian village in Bosnia-Hercegovina, bringing messages on how to achieve peace in our hearts, homes and world.

Medjugorje has become an international center of prayer, devotion and conversion of the heart. Our Lady has told the visionaries that these are her last appearances on earth and it is for this reason her visits are so long and frequent. She has come to tell us "God exists". Before her last appearance she has promised to leave a visible sign on the mountain where the first apparition occurred so that all will believe.

While the Catholic Church has yet to approve any of the modern day apparitions, in 1986, The Holy Father said, "Let the people go to Medjugorje if they convert, pray, confess, do penance and fast." Some 30 million laity and clergy have visited and returned home spiritually renewed.

Despite the recent war in Bosnia, Medjugorje remains a center of peace and of profound spirituality. 

The call from the Queen of Peace is:

PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! - is necessary to save humanity. We have to begin by creating peace first within our own hearts. This can be done in the following manner:

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There are six visionaries, but only three still receive daily apparitions. Marija receives a monthly message from Our Lady that is intended for the world.

Medjugorje Pilgrimage - 15th Anniversary - June 1996

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