Sam Srinivas: Profile


SamSampath 'Sam' Srinivas is a software executive and entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sam consults with select early stage startups to hone their business plans, focus their execution and raise funds.

Earlier, Sam founded Neoteris Inc, which defined a new category of remote access products called SSL VPNs. The Neoteris product line provides simple browser based secure remote access to corporate networks. Neoteris was acquired by Juniper Networks. Juniper continues to be the market share leader in this space today.


As the founding CEO of Neoteris, Sam led the founding team of four through one year of self funded progress which culminated in multiple competing funding offers in 2001 -- a time when the post-bubble crash was in full force. After bringing in a full-time CEO, Sam ran the product line as the Vice President of Product Management. Working with a world class team that came together at Neoteris, Sam saw the product line through 4 full release cycles, three rounds of funding, and two years of rapidly expanding revenues which culminated in Neoteris being acquired for $295 Million by Netscreen Technologies, which in turn was acquired by Juniper Networks.


At Juniper, Sam Srinivas was Vice President & Chief Technologist reporting to the CTO. In this role, he helped get some key products off the ground, including the Universal Access Control (UAC) product line. Subsequently, Sam moved to the Juniper India Engineering Center in Bangalore as part of the early leadership team. During his tenure there, Juniper India grew rapidly from a small operation to a substantial core asset for the company. Sam was also a key external spokesman for Juniper in India and APAC markets.


Prior to founding Neoteris, Sam was an early recruit at Healtheon, which was one of the first companies to leverage the web in the Healthcare space. He ran the initial deployments of the first two web based services shipped by Healtheon. Prior to this, Sam was at Microsoft Research where he worked on probabilistic modeling techniques.


Sam has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and was one of the established members of the Bayesian Network research community. In addition to being one of most published members of the community at that time, he also developed an open-source toolkit called IDEAL, which was the standard toolkit used by researchers of the time to implement new ideas in this field (See Research Publications and Patents). Sam also holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and a B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras.


Sam can be reached at sam at cs dot stanford dot edu or via his View Sam Srinivas's profile on LinkedIn