Yookyung Kim is Principal NLP Scientist at Apple Inc. Her expertise includes NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning, related content recommendation, and personalization.


  • Ph. D. in Linguistics, Stanford University
  • M. S. in Computer Science, Stanford University
  • B. A. summa cum laude, Seoul National University


  • 2021--present: Principal NLP Scientist, Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA
  • 2007--2021: Linguistics Lead, Yahoo/Verizon, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 2005--2007: Principal Investigator, NSF (National Science Foundation) SBIR phase I and II programs
  • 2001--2007: Principal Research Scientist, Fluential Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
  • 1997--1999: Research Staff, CSLI, Stanford University


  • US 9,436,759: Robust information extraction from utterances
  • US 9,430,572: Method and system for user profiling via mapping third party interests to a universal interest space
  • US 9,355,185: Infinite Browse
  • US 8,600,979: Infinite Browse
  • US 8,583,416: Robust information extraction from utterances
  • US 8,548,797: Short text language detection using geographic information
  • US 8,229,728: Methods for using manual phrase alignment data to generate translation models for statistical machine translation