The Chicago Hope Homepage is maintained by me, Steen. It is the work of a fan, and has no official affiliation with CBS or Chicago Hope. I have included everything I've found out there to be interesting or of value to Chicago Hope fans. Any other constructive comments/criticisms are welcome...

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The Chicago Hope Homepage is officially closed. As you can tell, these pages haven't been updated since 1996 sometime. I leave these pages (at least for now) as an archive of the early years.

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Wondering why Peter MacNicol and Mandy Patinkin left the show? Here's the official story.

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On October 11, 1995, this page was ranked in the top 5% on the Internet by Point Survey! The Point Top Ten list has been featured on CNN and many publications (OK, I'll admit I just quoted them for this fact). This page would not be half the page it is without the contributions from numerous fans, filled with information about Chicago Hope - thanks to all of you who have contributed!

On June 14, 1996, this page was awarded a Best of Campus award.

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